What is WordPress? WordPress details before creating website in 2022

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In this post, I will tell you what is wordpress, why wordpress is best, and more about wordpress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that helps to manage your website as easy as possible by the plugins available on it. This is the most popular CMS in the world.

I tell you that there are 1.3 billion websites and more than 455 million websites, means 0.455 billion websites are made from WordPress. Now, You know that WordPress is how much popular. Divyatechgyan.com is also connected to WordPress. WordPress is not only used to create blogs, it is also used to create websites and today the main work of WordPress is to create websites.

WordPress gives you a very easy user interface. You can change the design of your website by installing any theme that is available on it. It gives you very easy interface to write articles, you can add list, image, button and many things that is available in it.

There are two WordPress platforms:

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

So, Know You know What is WordPress let’s talk about the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

WordPress.com: WordPress.com is a platform that gives you hosting like Hostinger or HostGator. WordPress.com provides you different hosting plans like other hosting providers. This will give you a free hosting, but some things are paid and the domain of your website in this free hosting is like this [your-domain].wordpress.com like blogger. Blogger is by Google that also gives you free hosting, but it doesn’t give you domain it gives you a subdomain like this [your-domain].blogspot.com.

WordPress.org: WordPress.org is a CMS that is totally free, it is connected to a domain like divyatechgyan.com. I bought divyatechgyan.com then I connect it to wordpress.org

WordPress Features

Let’s talk about the features available on WordPress.

Plugins: Plugins help to do your work as easy as possible. This is the main features on WordPress.

Themes: Themes change the design/the look of your website, you can easily install and change your theme on WordPress. There are thousands of themes available on WordPress.

SEO: SEO(Search Engine Optimization) that helps your website to rank, WordPress helps to increase SEO of your website or posts.

User Management: WordPress gives you a feature to add multiple users on your website, and you can set the roles of what can the users do like

  • Super Admin: Someone who has access to the site’s network administration features as well as all other features.
  • Administrator: Someone who has full access to all of a site’s administration features.
  • Editor: Someone who can publish and manage their own posts as well as the posts of others.
  • Author: Someone who can publish and manage only their own posts.
  • Contributor: Someone who is able to write and manage their own posts, but unable to publish them.
  • Subscriber: Someone who is only able to manage their profile.

Media Management: You can manage your video or image on WordPress easily. WordPress gives you feature to change Alt text of your image. The plugins available on WordPress compress your image sizes very easily. WordPress gives you a webpage where you can see images or videos that are uploaded on your website.

Multi Language: If you don’t know English language too much means if you have problems with English language, or you want everything in your language, then you can change it easily on WordPress.

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