What is CMS? The Best CMS for your website

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Today, In this post, I will tell you what is CMS, the best CMS for your website, most used CMS and much more about CMS. You have to must know about CMS before creating a website.

What is CMS?

CMS is a ‘Content Management Software’. As from its name, you will know that CMS is used for managing your website. CMS is a computer software, In earlier times, CMS software is used for managing the files in your computer. But, Now, It is used for managing websites.

CMS helps you to create a website. We will talk about different CMS later in our post. When you connect your website to any CMS, It will give you an admin panel where you can manage your website, add posts, change the look of your website and more.

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Different CMS Software

There are many cms softwares. First, Let See the market share of CMS Softwares.

CMS SoftwareMarket Share in 2021

This is the list of content management softwares, as you can see that WordPress is the most used CMS. It helps to do your work as easy as possible by the plugins and features available on it. This is good for you in every business or blog website.

How does CMS Work?

CMS helps to design and developing a website. Every CMS gives you an admin panel where you manage your website, design your website, publish posts to your website and more.

Different CMS develops your website in different ways. The look that you see on a website is called its theme. Some Theme Designers design themes for a website, but a theme is made for a specific CMS. You can’t use WordPress theme in Drupal.

Which CMS to use?

I recommend you to use WordPress. This website divyatechgyan.com is also connected to WordPress. We will know more about WordPress in our next post.

WordPress official CMS Website: https://wordpress.org/

WordPress official Website: https://wordpress.com/

So, Now, You know about CMS as you need before creating a website. If you like this post, then share to other people like you who want to create their website. If you have any question, then feel free to ask us at comment below.

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