What is Visual Studio Code – Must Read before start to code in 2022

Now, You know, What is Coding? How websites are created from coding? What is HTML? And all about coding you need to know before start to code. Only one thing, That is needed before start to code is a code editor. So, In this post, We will know about Visual Studio Code.

What is Visual Studio Code?

visual studio code

Visual Studio Code is a free open source code editor by Microsoft and optimized for building and debugging modern web applications. It is the most used code editor for making websites. It is built for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Not only that, but it doesn’t take too much space on the computer.

Do you know why most coders or programmers use VS Code? It contains some features that are not available on other code editors. We will know about the features later.

In notepad, It doesn’t show errors. So, It creates problems to debug your errors. So, I recommend you to use VS Code.


Visual Studio Code give you so many features, that’s why it so much popular. Visual Studio Code features are following below:

  1. Extensions: Visual Studio Code contains extensions that make your work easier. Like, Some Extensions find errors and help to debug them. Some extensions design VS Code and make it look good. Some Extensions help to format your code. And, There are so many extensions that help you in many ways.
  2. Cross-platform Support: It supports all the operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, If you are a Linux user, you can also use VS Code.
  3. Light-weight: It is a very light-weight software. I am using it from 7 months and I have updated it many times, but it took only 300MB of space in my system.
  4. Free of Cost: It is a free of cost software.

User Interface

Let’s see how Visual Studio Code looks like. There are five main regions in VS Code:

  1. Activity Bar
  2. Side Bar
  3. Editor Groups
  4. Terminal Panel
  5. Status Bar

You can see how the regions are displayed in the image below:

The interface of Visual Studio Code is very easy.

So, Now, You know about Visual Studio Code, why you have to use it and its features and its user interface. If you like this post, then share to your friends who want a code editor to code. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at comment below.

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