How to Show or Hide Search Bar in Taskbar in Windows 10 – Very easy Trick

Hi friends,

If your Search bar in Taskbar is hidden by mistake, or if you want to hide it, then in today’s post I will show you how you can show or hide search bar in taskbar. So, Let’s Start!

Step 1: Right Click on Taskbar.

Step 2: Hover on ‘Search’ and choose the option that you want, means if you want to hide the search button then choose ‘hidden’ or if you want only search icon then click on ‘Show Search icon’ or if you want search box with icon and input the click ‘Show Search box’.

Show or Hide Search Bar in Windows 10 from Taskbar

So, Now You know how to change the visibility of search bar in Windows 10. If you like this post, then share to social media. Read More Posts like this on Divya Tech Gyan. If you have any questions, so feel free to ask us in comment below.

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