How to open WordPress Dashboard? WordPress Dashboard – 2022

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Today, I tell you how can you open WordPress Dashboard of your domain.

Open WordPress Dashboard of a website

So, Before opening WordPress dashboard you have to connect your website or domain to WordPress there are many videos on YouTube that tell you how can you connect WordPress to your website. So, let’s know how do you open WordPress Dashboard of a domain which is connected to WordPress.

Step 1: First you have to open a URL like this Write your domain, then write /wp-admin and open that URL.

Open URL [your-domain]/wp-admin to open your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Then you can see this webpage, write the username and password that you have created you connected WordPress to your domain. You can also write the email address of your WordPress instead of username. Tick Remember me to stay logged in when you open your WordPress Dashboard next time.

Now, You can see that your WordPress Dashboard is opened. You can write posts, create pages, change the theme of your website, add multiple users and more…

So, Know You know how you can open WordPress Dashboard of your website that is connected to WordPress. Join our telegram group to stay connected with us and for latest updates. If you like this post, then share to your friends and if you have any question you can ask at comment below.

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