What is Hosting? What is Domain? Fully Explained

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What is Hosting?

what is hosting

Hosting is required for buying a domain and creating a website on internet. I am giving you only an example, If you connected WordPress to your domain then all the plugins, themes, posts, comments, and all of your domain or website is saved on your hosting. So, hosting is a land that is needed or required to building a house on it.

You have to choose a good hosting services provider to host your website on internet without any problems.

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Types of Hosting

Hosting is of many types, the four main types of hosting are:

Let’s Know about these types of hosting

Shared Hosting

You can host many websites in a server in shared hosting.

Shared hosting is cheap because all the websites are using space, RAM and CPU of only a server.

Your website may have a technical error or may the speed of your website go down if your website has much traffic.

This type of web hosting is good for you if you are a beginner, and you are making a blog. Shared Hosting is very easy to use because you have many tools and plugins that makes your work much better and easy. So, Buy shared hosting if you are a beginner.

The lowest price to buy shared hosting is ₹179/month.

VPS Hosting

The full form of VPS is ‘Virtual Private Server’. Like Shared Hosting, You can also create many websites in this type of hosting. But, There are some differences. Let’s talk about it.

In this web hosting, The main server is distributed in many virtual servers. And, Every Website in your main server gets a virtual server.

In this web hosting, Every website has its own space, bandwidth because every website has its own server that is virtual server. So, Your Website loads much faster than shared hosting.

If your website have not much traffic then you can also use VPS Hosting. And, If you think that your website speed is decreasing, then you can upgrade to VPS Hosting.

The lowest price to buy VPS Hosting is ₹1,159/month.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of web hosting, Only one website rules the server. There are many advantages of using Dedicated Hosting. But, This hosting is very expensive.

One advantage of Dedicated Web Hosting is your website speed and performance is faster than other types of hosting.

If your website has so much traffic, then you have to choose or upgrade to Dedicated Hosting. If you are creating an e-commerce website, then this web hosting is best for you.

The lowest price to buy Dedicated Hosting is ₹6,499/month.

Cloud Hosting

There is a problem in VPS and Dedicated Hosting that is you little resources and there is a limit of storage and capacity. Although Most of the websites do not reach the limitations, but some articles of a website may viral and the website speed increases suddenly, then it’s difficult for your website to handle that.

In Cloud Hosting, You don’t have these problems because in this web hosting your website hosts on many hostings.

In the last few years, Cloud Hosting is being popular so much.

In Cloud Hosting, Your website speed doesn’t change If your website has so much traffic yet. You can increase disk space and memory as you need in this web hosting.

The lowest price to buy Cloud Hosting is ₹699/month.

How does Web Hosting work?

There are so many hosting providers companies that hosts your hosting on its server, and you have to some money to it. So, I said to you before to buy hosting from a good hosting provider company.

All the content in your website uploads on a server, and it is showed to people from a domain name.

When a user opens your domain on browser, the computer of the user is connected to the server where you hosted your website. And, then the server displays the content of your website to the user.

What is Domain?

Domain is different from hosting. But, Many Companies sell domain and hosting both, like hostinger.in. divyatechgyan.com is also hosted on Hostinger.

As I said to you before, that hosting is the land where you build your building, like that domain is the building that you build on your land.

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Hosting Features

There are some features in hosting that you must have to know. Let’s know about the features:


Bandwidth describes the data that transfers between your website and visitors in a specific time. If your website has much bandwidth, then more and more people can access your website at a time without any problem. If you have a low bandwidth, your website speed may decrease.


In Every Hosting account, You have a specific amount of space to store your files, pages, media, etc. You have to choose best hosting plan as you need.

Business Email

You can buy email services in your hosting account. If you buy, You can create your own email in this format [’email name’@’domain’] for e.g. ‘[email protected]’. In Email Hosting, You can receive and sent emails like you create your email on Gmail.


Like in your computer, Some files may delete, and you can lose your data. As same in servers, may your files delete, and you can lose your data, so buy hosting with a backup plan also to back up your files or contents.

Customer Support

This feature is needed for you, that is, you have to buy hosting from the company that gives you best costumer support. Customer Support is needed to you on that time if you have any problem in your hosting.

If you have some questions then feel free to ask us at comment below, we will add it to FAQs. And, you will get your answer.

So, All I know about hosting and domain I shared to you, and now you know what is hosting, types of hosting and what is domain. If you like this post, then please share to social media.


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