General WordPress Website Settings after creating in 2022

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Today, I tell you your General WordPress Website Settings after creating a website.

First, You have to know how you can open WordPress Dashboard of your website because you have to do these settings in your website, so you have to open WordPress Dashboard.

So, There are seven types of settings on WordPress: General Settings, Writing Settings, Reading Settings, Discussion Settings, Media Settings, Permalink Settings and Privacy Settings as you can see in the image below.

General WordPress Website Settings

I can’t explain all the seven settings in this one post. So, I tell you only general settings in this post. So, Let’s know about General WordPress Website Settings.

General WordPress Website Settings

Step 1: Click on General Settings in your WordPress Dashboard to open general settings of your website.

Step 2: Now, You can see the general settings of your WordPress Website. Now, You can see at the top the Title and Tagline of your website. By default, The title is My WordPress Website and the tagline is My First WordPress Site. You have to write your website name in the title box like ‘Divya Tech Gyan’ and about your website in few words in tagline like ‘Technical World’.

Step 3: In WordPress Address and Site Address only you have to write ‘s’ after http, by default it is http://[your-website-domain] if your website have SSL activated. You can check if your website have SSL activated or not by opening your website in a new tab. If it is written not secure, then your website have not SSL activated. First, You have to activate SSL then do this setting.

Step 4: Then you have not needed to change email address or new user default role, this is by default right. As I said to you in my post what is WordPress that WordPress gives a feature where you can change the whole WordPress in your language. As you can see, Site Language, change this site language to any language you want, then It changes WordPress in the language you selected.

Step 5: You can see Timezone, by default it is UTC+0:00 You have to change this timezone to your country timezone like I live in India, so I changed it to UTC+5:30. You can know your country timezone by searching on browser.

Step 6: You can change the Date Format and Time Format as you like. You don’t need to change the setting when the weeks starts on.

Step 7: After changing all the General WordPress Website Settings, you have to click on Save Changes, If you not click that button, none of your settings will change.

Now, You have changed all of your General WordPress Website Settings. Join our telegram channel Divya Tech Gyan to read every upcoming posts of our website and learn more about WordPress. If you like this post, then share to social media. If you have any questions, please ask in comment below.

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