How to Create Shortcut of a webpage in Google Chrome

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In this Post of Divya Tech Gyan, I tell you how to create shortcut of a webpage in Google Chrome. So, Let’s Start

Create Shortcut of a Webpage in Google Chrome

Step 1: Open the webpage that you want to create a shortcut.

Step 2: Now, click on menu button and hover on More Details. Then, click on create shortcut.

Step 3: Now, write the name of the shortcut.

If you want that, the shortcut opens like a software. Then, check the Open as window. Let’s check it to show you what will happen after checking that.

Step 4: Now, Press on Create button.

Now, You see that the shortcut of my webpage is created.

I check the Open as window option when creating this shortcut so, if I open this shortcut, you see that this is opened like a software.

So, Now You know how to create a shortcut of a webpage in Google Chrome. If this post is informational to you, then please share this post to social media and if you have any doubt, then you can ask in comment below.

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