Create a blog on in 2022 for free – Step by Step

How to create a blog on These days, almost all people use Google to find the answers to their queries or questions. You have also searched your questions on Google. The result or posts which you get after searching a query comes from a blog. The blogs are made by bloggers. Bloggers are people who make these blogs. So, I am also a blogger because I also work on this blog.’

Bloggers can also earn money from their blogs. If you want to know more about blogging, you can search on Google. So, In this post, I will tell you how you can create a blog on is an official CMS by Google. You can create a free blog on allows you to create a blog for free. But, It doesn’t provide you with a free domain. If you want to know about the domain, you can go to our post: What is Hosting? What is Domain? Fully Explained. So, blogger provides you with a subdomain that is So, If you create a blog, your blog URL or address will be like

Create a blog on

So, now I will tell you how you can create a free blog on step by step.

Step 1: Go to It will open this interface.

Create a blog on

Step 2: Click on the ‘SIGN IN’ button presented in the top left corner.

Sign In to – Sign In

Step 3: Now, You will see this type of interface, select a Gmail Account from which you want to create your blog.

Choose an account to sign in to – Choose an account

Step 4: After choosing an account, you will see this type of interface if you have created any blog.
If you have not created any blog, then you can go to Step 7. It will already open the interface which is in Step 6. I have already created a blog. So, I get this interface.

Blog Interface in – Blog Interface

Step 5: Like Me, If you have already created a blog then, click on your blog name.

Blogs in – Blogs

Step 6: Now, You will see your blog list, all the blogs that you have will be shown. Now, Click on the ‘New Blog…’ button to create a new blog.

Create a new blog in – Create a blog on

Step 7: Now, You will see this interface. If you have not created any blog. It will automatically show this webpage after singing in. Now, Write a blog name in the input which you want to keep your new blog name. Then, Click on the Next button.

New Blog Name in – New Blog Name

Step 8: Now, After Submitting your blog name, You have to write a blog address. It will automatically add the subdomain after your blog address.
e.g. [blog-address], blog address – divyatechgyan, blog address –

New Blog Address in – New Blog Address

Step 9: Now, If your blog address will available then, click on save. If it is not available, then you have to choose another blog address.

New Blog Save in – New Blog Save

Now, You will see that your blog is created successfully. If you want to see your blog, click on the ‘View Blog’ button. You can also open your blog by your blog URL or address.

View Blog in – View Blog

You can see my blog is opened successfully. Your blog will also open on any device. You can also open it on your mobile or on your friend’s mobile.

Now, You have successfully created your new blog and now you know how to create a blog on If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment below.

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