Control key Computer Shortcuts with their functions in Windows 10

Hi friends, There are many computer users, most of whom use shortcuts to use their work easier and faster. Maybe you are one of them.
In This Post of Divya Tech Gyan, I share Control key Computer Shortcuts from Ctrl + A to Z and more… with their functions. These shortcuts will be helpful to you.

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List of Control key Computer Shortcuts

Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + BBold Text
Ctrl + CCopy selected text or file
Ctrl + DBookmark open webpage
Ctrl + ECenter align text
Ctrl + FOpen find window in Notepad or any other web browsers
Ctrl + GOpen find window in web browsers
Ctrl + H1) Open the find window in Notepad
2) Open the History window in web browsers
Ctrl + IItalicize Selected Text
Ctrl + J1) Open the Downloads Tab in web browsers
2) Justify aligning text
Ctrl + KCreate a link in text in WordPress.
Ctrl + L1) Open Address Bar in web browsers
2) Left align text
Ctrl + MIndent Text
Ctrl + NCreate New Page or Document
Ctrl + OOpen file
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + QClose Powerpoint program
Ctrl + R1) Reload open webpage in web browser
2) Right align text
Ctrl + SSave file
Ctrl + TNew Tab in web browsers
Ctrl + U1) Underline Text in text editors
2) Open view source page of open webpage
Ctrl + VPaste copied text or file
Ctrl + WClose open tab in web browser
Ctrl + XCopy and Delete selected text or file / Cut selected text or file
Ctrl + YUndo
Ctrl + ZRedo
Ctrl + EndGo to the end of a webpage or document
Ctrl + EscOpen Start Menu in Windows
Ctrl + TabSwitch between tabs in web browser
Control Key Computer Shortcuts

Now, You know most of the control key computer shortcuts. You can also try these shortcuts.
So, If you have any doubts then write in the comment below.

If you want to watch on YouTube where every shortcut is explained in detail. Then go to this link:

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